How to build backlinks for a new website correctly

Discover the right way to backlink building for a new website in order to gain the trust of search engines, with important tips.
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How to build backlinks for a new website

The most important and difficult part of SEO is building links. I am talking about high quality backlink whose value is equivalent. to obtaining one of the precious minerals extracted from the ground after research, exploration and a large investment of money and effort. The same will happen to you when you are looking for a valuable backlink.  And the most difficult of all, if your website is only in its first weeks, it is difficult to find a reputable site that gives you a backlink.

 you have already been able to find that site that, if I honor you with only one link, will be enough to give you a strong start in the top of the search engines. it will be wonderful, but this type of backlink is somewhat advanced, for a new site it is important to go through basic stages in backlink building are intended to make your website look real and not spammy.

This topic will be suitable for beginners who do not have much knowledge in building backlinks. as it is equally important even for professionals in this field. It's an important step all of us will take when one of our sites is new. For example, whoever has a good experience and suppose he followed his advanced methods in building high quality links. and his site did not exceed at least three months. personally I call it recklessness that may make his link cascade or at least attention will be focused on him. I am here talking about Google algorithms that will look at him The spammer is only concerned with exploiting it without giving an added value to the browser, assuming that he will gain the trust of the search engines. while his behavior in building links incorrectly may make his website in an unenviable position.

In this list I will give you what I personally see fit to do when building links for your web site. in other words, a synthesis of what I have learned from experts in this field over the years. It is stages. It is good to go with it one by one. After you finish one step. move to the next. It is good not to precede events and skip any stage that has been addressed below. and it is not good for you to build it completely in a day or even one week, because this It will not speed up the first results. but it will look like unprofessional work in the eyes of Google and other search engines like it.

Social media sites

The first step that will prove that your project on the Internet is real and really active is to introduce it through social networking sites. Of course, and before you read this topic. you created at least a Facebook page and linked it with an Instagram account that shares the same name. this is fine but many forget to add their website link there. although it is a very important step. Rather. you will find people who do not give it attention, since the link that you will get from social networking sites is a noreferrer noopener type. but it will know your online activity and give greater reliability. Not forgetting that you will benefit from direct visits.

A noreferrer noopener link is a link that does not give any strength to the target link. which means that the desired benefit for optimizing the site for search engines through it is almost non-existent. but it is useful for referring to affiliate links so that you do not pass a percentage of your site’s strength to them.

The most important social networking sites that we recommend to subscribe to is to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account. They are considered one of the most powerful and well known sites in the world. You can imagine a global company like Samsung, for example, that is not active there. how much it will lose many potential customers, but it can lose the luster of its professionalism if it is not active on this site. So the first step you will take is to open a Facebook page and a Twitter account as well as Instagram.

Twitter account

Then we will move directly to opening a YouTube channel with the same brand and the same logo. This is an important point that you should not neglect. Please create a channel there with a professional description of what your website specializes in. Of course, YouTube gives you the ability to add your site in a distinctive way to your channel with links to your pages. on the social networking sites that you created previously.

Links from video sharing platforms like YouTube, Viemo, and DailyMotion are harmless, and will help a lot in identifying a site with search engines. which will make it easier to archive your articles every time.

Speaking of YouTube, this leads us to talk about the video publishing platform, one of the best platforms for YouTube is Dailymotion as well as Vimeo. Both sites work similar to YouTube. where you make a small version, put a short description and include a link to one in each new video in its publication, and this in itself is known as YouTube SEO. this step will help a little in archiving your articles, as it will diversify your backlink file your.

One of the most important communication sites that we recommend is Linkedin, the most important space in which you can publish your site link. It is basically a business and experience sharing site. so it will be important to know the activity of a site there. perhaps you may get targeted visitors from there. It relates to your activity and boring detail.

Linkedin site

Pinterest is also no less important, as many times you find it competing for difficult words. This site is very popular by Google, so take care of creating an account there and filling in all the necessary data. It has a beautiful design and a unique way of browsing. Basically, its content is more focused on images, so it will help a lot in archiving your site images in Google by calling them with your own article link. And every time you publish a picture, you have the opportunity to add a new link, and this is really great, and it will be even cooler if you fill in all the required fields correctly, in accordance with the content of your site in detail, and you will get real visits from this site.

pinterest site

Do not forget to link these pages on your website, it will be a smart move from you if you add it as a means of communication at the bottom of the site in the Footer, so your site will look more professional and gain your trust from search engines more and more.

Do not link all your accounts at the bottom of the site, only the important ones, most likely are the Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel and perhaps your account on Instagram, they will be very enough since they are the most famous and it will be easier for your site visitors to communicate with you through more than one option.

Any account that you create on social media sites, it is good to put your site link there in addition to a short description that gives more information about your activity and what you provide to your site visitors as an added value, with some keywords suitable for your field of work. All of the above is in itself seo for all the previous sites. For example, someone will search for the best decorations on Facebook, if you do the best before, your page will appear in the first search results of Facebook, which means free visits and subscriptions that you will earn by paying attention to some simple details, so do not neglect the description box and leave it blank.

Of course, there are many social networking sites that carry the same principle that you can also subscribe to, such as Tumblr, Quora, and others, but there are those who provide you with a Dofollow link, such as Digg and Flickr, which will help your site to gain a little strength, but make sure that it is Not that big.

When one of your articles is linked on other sites with a Dofollow tag, this will boost your site's ranking more directly, and the more reliable the source, the more Google will trust your site.

These were the most important social media sites in which it is necessary to create accounts and publish your articles. It can be difficult to commit to posting to all of these accounts on a daily basis, but fortunately there are plenty of solutions to make it easier for us. The first solution is either by programming publications to be published automatically on schedule and without your intervention. And as a second solution, you can subscribe to the IFTTT website, in which you will write one post, and it will take care of publishing all of them in your accounts on social networking sites. This will make it much easier for you and help you keep your accounts active.

Directory sites (Directory Backlinks)

Another useful type in building backlinks while creating a new site is subscribing to the Directory sites, so that they will be a solid foundation on which to build the basis for your site and more diversity in your profile’s backlinks, and the beautiful thing is that you can get them easily. There are many sites that offer us this backlink building service, also known as business listings, and you can also get traffic from them if you are targeting a high demand niche.

Simply, this type of website is dedicated to introducing your business or whatever in a professional manner to customers, as it gives them an overview of your site, where it is located, and how to contact you. This is really very important. Most importantly, some of them will give you a Dofollow link. One of the most famous and most important of these sites is "Google My Business" better known as "My Business on Google".

Google My Business

Creating a free page with features like this will definitely make your site gain a very great trust with Google, especially if you target a specific geographical point. This will help you gain targeted customers without getting tired. Now tell me what are you waiting for not to create a page there and get a quality backlinks from Google ?.

One of the most famous platforms that provide the service of creating a commercial list for your site is YellowPages, one of the professional sites that I have dealt with, as you will get a dofollow link behind it with the ability to link your pages on social networking sites,This, of course, will help a lot in archiving your site, especially since it provides the feature to locate on maps, and this is what Google loves. What is unique about this site is that it will not be archived quickly and will not require any intervention from you.

YellowPages, A website to introduce your business

The same steps you will take with Yelp, which in turn provides the same service, and even it is no less good than the previous site. But do not be lazy to fill in all the required data and just put the link to your site there, but you must address all the details there, as it will help a lot in defining and understanding the content you provide for search engines.

Yelp Site Directory

The previous sites are dedicated to all activities and are not monopolized by business sites only. If you have a site that talks about tourism, restaurants, writing and blogging, etc., they can all be added there.

Note: Remember only one account is enough and do not try to create more than one profile on one of these sites, thinking that it will give you more power. Avoid doing this because it will hit your site and make you look like a(spammer).

Podcast websites

Who among us d'not use one of the podcast sites in his daily life! But did you know that it will be a powerful source to get a good backlink for your site, and the great thing about it is that most of them give us Dofollow backlinks and their quick and self archiving, which will give a signal to Google bots that your site is already active and will crawl directly, especially if you provide content in it. This will help a lot. We are going to share with you three of the best websites that we think are very excellent.

The idea here is not only to put your site link in your profile, but you can even be a guest on one of the activists on these platforms, you can share your experience with him and he will of course share your site, this will be like an advertisement through which you get targeted visitors, and in return a good backlink for your website.

We always recommend subscribing to everything related to one of Google's services, and of course, the beginning will be with one of its products, which is Google Podcast, one of the most famous platforms that explicitly provide content. The same way to create a YouTube channel you will apply with this site, after creating a page for your site there, all you have to add is a link to your site with a description explaining your activity, and here you are, you got a free unique backlink.

Google Podcast platform

As a second option, we recommend the Apple Podcast site, which is a very popular platform for lovers of this global brand, which you can use to build a wonderful backlink from a global platform through which you will gain distinctive traffic (users of Apple devices), and as a way to get a free backlink.


Soundcloud is no less important than the previous two platforms, every time you publish a new audio, you will be able to put a link in the description, this link is a backlink dofollow, which will be an addition to your site.

  1. To get benefit from these backlinks, it is important that all the pages you created are archived in Google, you can check this by placing the link of your page that you created and check if it appears to you there. Remember to put the link and not the keyword, you may be looking for a very competitive word and it is impossible for your new page to appear in the first results.

    Often the accounts that you will create on these sites will archive on their own in a week or maybe less, they are basically famous sites known to search engines.

  2. Always activate your account through the link that will be sent to you via e-mail, otherwise after a period of time your profile will be closed as an inactive account.

  3. Any article you publish, do not forget to share its link in the form of a publication on various social networking sites, this will contribute to archiving your articles and will make your accounts always active, but do not over publish links

  4. Always the type of posts in your accounts on social media, for example, post a picture, then a post with short words, and then a link to one of your articles. This will help increase your followers, it will also keep your pages active, and will even give you insight into who is following you and what kind of posts are the most engaged.

  5. Twitter tweets are very important, as they will somewhat help identify your site to search engines. The same thing applies to YouTube videos. Try to publish a video from time to time, even if it is short. This will help you a lot with search bots in finding links to your new articles, which will make it easier to archive them over time.

  6. There are many social media sites that give you the ability to link your sites, there is no problem in registering an account with them and building free backlink through them.

  7. Most social media sites allow you to add your pages on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Do not be lazy to add them, as they add a kind of professionalism and importance to search engines.

Of course, the sites we talked about are not the only ones to get high quality backlinks for your new sites, there are many other sites from which you can get excellent backlinks. The goal of this article is only to put you on the right path, while staying away from the wrong idea of creating other links in a huge amount with a weak return under spam and sometimes it may be harmful to the health of your sites.

Building backlinks of this kind would be a good idea from you, especially as we are talking about a whole new website here, where you will introduce more about your site's activity to your customers and even the search engines' algorithms will make it easier for them to rank your articles and this is very important. It will also help in diversifying your links so that it will not look like they are all coming from one source only, and even if your site has been active for a long time you can create accounts with all of them so that your backlink file becomes more diverse.