How to create a blog and profit from it(practical guide 2022)

how to create a blog and profit from it by explaining the basics of building a successful blog, ways to create it, and the ways to profit from blogs
How to create a blog and profit from it
How to create a blog and profit from it

This is a comprehensive guide in order to learn how to create a blog and profit from it. In this comprehensive guide you will learn about:
  • How to build a professional blog.
  • Ways to earn money from your blog.
  • Tips for building a professional blog.
To the details:

The basics of creating a successful blog to make excellent profits from it

1. Specialization (Niche)

In the beginning, you must choose a specialization for the blog you want to create , and the specialization here means that you choose a general field, then you divide that field into several specializations and smaller fields, choose a specialization and start it.

Therefore, it is important to choose a clear specialization that can provide high-quality content when talking and writing about it, in order to be a pioneer in that specialty, after that you can expand and talk about more topics in the same context and scope of your specialization.

2. Ensure that the blog is technically compatible with search engines

There are many algorithms used by search engines - the most famous of which is Google - to rank sites and content on the Internet, but the first and most important is that your blog is compatible and technically qualified with search engines.

Here are the most important points you should keep in mind:

A) The response of the blog to mobile visitors

According to the statistics of our winning blog, the vast majority of bloggers browse through mobile with a rate of more than 75%, which means that the blog should be configured in the first place for mobile visitors.

Google's Mobile Friendly tool helps you find out how compatible your blog pages are with mobile visitors. It is a free tool and should always be one of the tools to help you improve the performance of your blog.

b) The speed of blog pages while browsing

One of the most important factors in providing a distinct user experience for the visitor is that he does not face any difficulties in browsing the blog or the content inside it, so you should use the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool from Google to learn more information about the performance of your pages, their responsiveness and speed while browsing.

c) Solve the problems in the blog

The Google Webmaster Tool is the magic solution and your companion on your next journey, through this tool that Google offers you, you can know all the problems facing your site and work to solve them as soon as possible, so that the visitor does not face any problems browsing and consuming the content of the site, and so that you do not face engines Finding problems crawling and archiving content inside the site.

d) Understand the target audience

Who are you targeting your content? To answer this question, you must know a lot of details so that you are aware of what the needs, themes and the way in which you present the content are preferred by your target audience.

Knowing and identifying the target audience is a very important process, and all you have to do at that stage is research and exploration.

First of all, you have to decide who the audience you want to target.

The next step after knowing your goal is to read the comments of your target audience everywhere, on the YouTube platform below the videos related to the topics they are interested in, and on the sites of your competitors in the same specialty, and on social media platforms, and writing down all of this in a clear file that helps you and your team to develop Content plan.

Use the Make My Persona tool from Hubspot to build your ideal customer persona .

3. Content PLAN

In this step, you choose the audience you want to target, the niche you will talk about, and you have a clear idea of ​​the topics your audience is interested in, and the problems you face and that you must solve using the content.

The next step is to prepare a comprehensive plan for the content that you will publish on your blog. Here are the basics for building a content plan for your blog:

a) Decide what topics you will talk about

Now you have a list of topics that your target audience is interested in, you have to arrange that list logically, and focus on the most important topics that your audience is interested in, and these are the topics that you should start writing about.

It is also important to understand that you have to start with the year and then move to the private, for example, you can write an article at the beginning about Real Madrid in general, and then move on to write an article about the most important players… This is if you want to create a blog and profit from it in the sports field.

b)Choosing keywords

Here you have to choose the appropriate keywords for each topic, know the intensity of the competition for those words, and where you should distribute the keyword in your content.

c) Writing and promoting high-quality content

The last step is to choose the right type of content for the topic you will be talking about and the keyword you have chosen, then start writing high-quality content that meets your target audience’s needs and searches.
Then start developing a plan to promote this content on social media platforms, forums, get backlinks, and paid ads.
These were the basics of building a successful blog… Read on to learn all about how to create a successful blog and profit from it.

The difference between a free and paid blog

The option to build a free blog is very tempting, because it will give you a platform where you can express and publish the content you want completely free of charge.

But if you seek to build a distinct entity (Brand) and different from the competitors, and if you want to create a blog and profit from it professionally, you will need a paid blog, because free blogs are poor and limited in features and characteristics.

Here are some advantages of paid blogs over free ones:

1. You can modify the characteristics of the appearance and the way the blog works as you like

In the paid blog, you can modify the appearance of the blog and choose the optimal template and final form that corresponds to your goal of creating and creating the blog, in addition to many advantages and add-ons that help you succeed and grow, and one of the most famous platforms that provides many distinctive additions is the WordPress platform.

Unlike a free blog, the plugins there are very limited, and if you want to expand and use those plugins you will pay money, and this means that you have to buy paid web hosting that will interface your blog idea professionally.

Also, one of the important advantages of creating a paid blog is that you can use your own domain name .

When building a free blog, you cannot use your own domain, the domain name you will choose must end with the name of the platform you are using .

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2. You have more efficiency in the process of optimizing content for search engines

This is for several reasons, including that you can build the structure and format of your blog in a simple way that helps search engines access and archive content and site pages faster, in addition to the ability to configure the speed of the blog and better mobile responsiveness.

And blogs with paid hosting can handle more visitors to your site without the site experiencing problems, unlike free blogs that have a maximum number of visitors that they can bear.

3. No ads imposed on you inside the blog like free blogs

In the end, your free blog is on the hosting and domain of the platform that allowed you to build your blog, so you do not have the right to remove the ads of that platform from within your blog, on the contrary in paid blogs you are the first and last controller of all the ads inside the blog.

To determine the best decision for you, ask yourself: What type of blog do I need?

If the answer is a blog that does not exceed 150 pages and a small number of visits, then the free blog option is best for you, but if you want a blog that you want to profit from and add content, you should go to the paid blog option.

In the event that you do not have enough money to create a paid blog, I advise you to create a blog through the Blogger platform, and here is an article that contains a detailed explanation of the work of a domain blog through Blogger.

What are the ways to create an electronic blog?

There are several ways that you can create a professional blog that suits your goals, I will show you each method, and in the end I will suggest the best option for you for the winning team.

1. Special programming

It's simple here; You have an idea and you want to implement it from scratch professionally, all you have to do is define your goal for the blog and the way you want to work in it, and your perception of the final look that you want the blog to appear in.

She communicates with a professional software team, explains these matters to him, and follows up with them the implementation stages.

2. Content Management System

One of the easiest and best ways to build a professional blog is to create a blog through content management systems, in this way you choose the content system you prefer (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and others), then install it on your hosting, and install the plugins that help you succeed.

3. Software as service

You do not need programming experience, through one of the sites that provide software as a service, you can create a blog and modify it simply, and you do not even need a domain or hosting, all of this is provided by the company you deal with.

4. Host and share digital content

Through LinkedIn, Medium, or Wattpad, you can create a personal page and share content on the Internet.

What is the most appropriate choice for creating an electronic blog?

We at Winners believe that the best choice for you to create a professional blog is the content management system, because of its ease in the content management process, and the presence of features and extensions that enable you to configure content for search engines, modify the blog design and improve it to provide the best visitor experience.

Ways to earn from blogging

In the next lines, I will provide you with several solutions through which you can turn your effort and work in your blog into money, and how to apply each method.

1. Profit from blogging through affiliate programs

Marketing commission (Affiliate Marketing) depends on you you are the owner of the Code -ovi those Marketer case and you have a source platform for marketing and contain a large number of Azwar- marketing of products and services related to the field of your blog, and in return take a percentage of sales on each product sold by you.

It is worth noting that regardless of the field of your blog, you will find products and services that you can market on commission and profit from.

Example: You have a blog about travel and tourism, you can search for services that have affiliate marketing programs and that your blog audience needs, such as hotel and airline services, recreational tourism trips…etc.

2. Profit from blogs by renting advertising space (banners)

If your blog has a large number of visitors, then you are half way through. Advertisers want to display their products and services and reach the largest number of visitors. All you have to do in this way is to continue publishing high-quality content that attracts more visitors to your blog.

Then photograph the statistics for the blog and the number of visitors in recent months, and display those statistics in a banner under the heading Advertise with us within the content pages on the site.

You can also communicate with sites that provide services or products related to your blog's domain and display your marketing services to them through advertising banners.

The method of accounting between you and the advertisers is by using one of these two methods:

A) Cost Per Click: In this method, the advertiser pays you for the number of clicks that visitors click on the ad.

B) Cost Per Mille Views: It is different in that way, here the advertiser wants to see the ad as many visitors as possible and therefore the account will be for every 1,000 views.

3. Profit from blogging through Google Adsense earnings

The Google AdSense program is a program affiliated with Google, which allows website owners to place ads within the content on the blog. In return, Google gives you a percentage of the profits, and the profit rate changes according to the advertising field, the target group, and from any country.

Terms of Subscription to Google Adsense

  • The blog must be owned by you and not a free blog (except for the Blogger blog building service that is affiliated with Google).
  • The content should be of high quality and useful to visitors.
  • The blog should have a good number of visitors, preferably visitors to search engines.
  • To have more than 30 articles, and 10,000 visitors to various pages.
  • The blog should contain 4 important main pages.

    The pages that your blog should contain are:
  1. About us page: which explains the reason behind creating the blog and the work team, and what information and experiences the blog will provide to visitors.
  2. Privacy Policy page: in which the way the blog deals with visitor data is explained, and it is clarified that the blog displays AdSense ads, and the AdSense company collects information about visitors for targeting.
  3. Terms and Conditions page: in which the blog explains the way in which it regulates dealing with: visitors, content, intellectual property rights, etc.
  4. Contact Us page (Contact US): it is explained where all the methods available so that visitors continue to blog with the founder and owner of the site.

What are the expected earnings from Google Adsense?

You now have a blog with a large number of visitors, and you submitted it to Google Adsense after applying the criteria and conditions, and you were accepted into the program by Google. What is the profit equation?

Profit = number of clicks x cost per click.

In order to make more profits, you must bring more visitors in the event that the niche you are talking about has a low cost per click.

Or to focus from the beginning on a niche that has a high cost-per-click, even if the number of visitors and interested in it is few compared to other niches.

The secret of success in this method is to provide the best browsing experience to the user, produce high-quality content in a specialty that has a good average clicks, and promote the content well in order to occupy the first positions in search engines, most notably Google.

4. Profit from blogging with Paid Reviews and Guest Posts

You can take advantage of the popularity and number of visitors to your site to write useful product reviews related to the specialty you are talking about, after communicating with the owners of those tools or products that you will write a review about.

Determine the required and the important and distinctive elements that they want to promote in their service or product, and then agree on the appropriate price with the number of visitors who will learn about that service or product through you.

You can also cooperate with another site owner who wants to write a Guest Post on your site, and for those who do not know the Guest Post is when the founder of a competitor site cooperates with you in order to write a high-quality article that provides benefit to your visitors and refers to his site.

There are several reasons for the importance of the Guest Post, including:

  • So that the site owner can increase the strength of his domain.
  • Increase awareness of your brand.
  • Bring new visits to his site.
It is worth noting that mutual cooperation can take place, whether it is writing content for an agreed amount of money, or you also write a Guest Post on the other site, and thus you get the advantage of making a guest post on another site.

5. Show yourself as an expert and promote your business

If you have your own business, such as producing and selling courses, for example; You can provide content that is of great interest to visitors and build confidence between you and visitors that you are an expert in that field, thus increasing the chances of buying from you and your preference over competitors.

Another example: If you own a business that sells men's grooming products, you can provide content that teaches men how to take care of themselves using your products.

Or you can provide consultations in your field of specialization according to your extensive experience in the field.

An example of the effectiveness of this solution:
Nerdfitness publishes content on the right exercise methods, how to lose weight and gain a healthy body shape, and in return, it offers consulting services and training programs by expert trainers.

Another example: Brian Dean, one of the most famous experts in search engine and e-marketing in the world, publishes high-quality content through his blog and YouTube channel under the title Backlinko, which makes him one of the pioneers in the field, and therefore one of the first choices for those who want to specialize in marketing and buy educational courses From which.

6. Profit from blogging by selling Newsletter

There is not much in the Arab world in particular that pays attention to the importance of email marketing and its increase in effectiveness in the past years. You can build a large mailing list and interact with your customers constantly, and therefore you can use that list for marketing purposes for advertisers and other companies.

But make sure that those marketing messages are in harmony with the mailing messages related to your specialty... for which your site visitors initially subscribed to that mailing list until you reach them.

The most important question: How do you build a mailing list?

By making some content available only by registering by e-mail, or displaying complementary content to the articles on your site … provided that it is useful and rich and can only be downloaded by mail.

Day by day, interest in expanding your email list and increasing customers, and developing a plan for the content that you will send to your visitors via mail, in addition to interacting with them and listening to their opinions about the development of the blog.

The most important tools that will help you do this are Mailchimp , a site that helps you manage your mailing lists and find out the best times to send to subscribers, the rate of opening mail and who reads, and many other useful things.

7. Profit from blogging by providing paid professional content

You can divide the content that you publish on the blog into two types: free content, and paid content that can be viewed for a monthly subscription.

But how will people trust and subscribe to your blog?

By publishing free content in your field of specialization targeting the awareness of the beginner and intermediate person in that field, provided that the content is of high quality and useful to a large extent, and helps the person enrich his thinking and knowledge.

After that, a trusting relationship will be built between you and the reader, and then he will look forward to learning more information about that field, at that time you will display (professional) content written by experts in that field, including you, for a monthly subscription.

An example of the effectiveness of this method:

The best application of this solution is Entrepreneur Magazine, which offers a monthly and annual subscription, and in return the ability to access and read all free and paid magazine articles.

5 tips to build a blog and make the most of it

Here are 5 important tips that I consider as a professional framework on how to create a blog and profit from it well:

1. Pay attention to the technical part of preparing your site for search engines
Are search engines having trouble crawling and archiving your site? Does the visitor face a problem with the speed of browsing the site or the division of the site or the responsiveness of the site with the mobile?

All of these questions are related to the technical part of getting your blog optimized for search engines, so you should build a strong foundation that will help you succeed before you start producing and publishing content on the blog.

2. Create Pareto 20/80 . Content
Producing SEO-friendly content is important, but that content must be interesting and comprehensive, make sure you understand the niche you have chosen, so as to develop a content plan for your blog that truly interests the target audience.

And always remember the Pareto principle: 80% of the results are caused by 20% of the reasons, and understanding and paying attention to what your visitors want and the topics they are looking for is your first path to success.

3. Have the reader complete the content to the end
We are in an age in which it is betting on keeping the visitor's attention, so it is important to know more about sponsored writing, and ways to make the process of reading to the end interesting and attract the reader's attention to continue to the end.

4. Go ahead and invest in content promotion and distribution
Content promotion and distribution should be the second thing that you should care about after you have finished producing and publishing the content, in order to ensure that the content reaches the reader and is well consumed.

And content distribution is building a plan for distributing and linking articles to each other within the site, and content promotion is cooperating with other sites to promote content, and publish content on social media platforms.

It is very important that you care about content distribution and promotion as much as you care about producing and creating content, so that your content occupies the first pages #1 in search engines.

5. Continuously develop your plan and make yourself always evolving

There is always something new in the field of marketing, content creation, the desires of your target audience, updates to search engines and specifically Google algorithms, so you must be flexible enough to adapt to these updates, and develop your blog for the better.


That was all the information on how to create a blog and profit from it. I hope the article provided you with the benefit you were waiting for.

And I want to know from you: What is the method that you rely on to profit from your blog? Do you use one method for profit or more than one?

I would like to know your answer by leaving a comment below the article.

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