Profit from blogging: all the ways, ideas and steps you need

Learn about the steps to profit from blogs, what are the ways available to bloggers to make profit, and effective tips for your success.

We all now know that traditional jobs are no longer as profitable as they were, and that the global labor market is witnessing major changes every moment, due to the Internet and technology invading all areas of our lives, and also due to changing factors, such as: the Corona virus.

Profit from blogging: all the ways, ideas and steps you need
Profit from blogging

What is the profit from blogging?This led to the creation of new jobs, and the existence of many new ways to make huge profits, so in this article we will talk to you about one of these methods, which is profit from blogging.

Profit from blogs is the material returns that come in a number of ways - which we will discuss - through your blog and articles, and in fact many blogs and sites that you follow reap profits from your visit to them, and this is the motive that makes these sites try to create the best possible content, and that It also tries to make you keep accessing it and follow its new.

Profiting from blogs is not anything new at all. For many years, there has been a business based entirely on creating content and articles with the aim of making profits.

This applies to blogs and articles on all topics; From food and maternity blogs, to specialized tech blogs, this momentum has contributed to the promotion of quality content, which has significantly affected web content.

Dear reader, do not underestimate the profit from blogging and do not think that it is a small profit, rather it is a very large profit, which can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in the leading foreign sites in their fields, but at all there is still room for new sites to profit from Blogging, and in order to make a good fortune along with a great reputation in the areas in which you specialize.

Since profit is our specialty in the winners; In this article, we will provide a comprehensive and detailed guide to profit from blogging with the complete steps to start making big profits.

So be sure to read the article carefully, and it is preferable that you bring a paper and a pen to record your observations, and do not forget that you can ask us in the comments about any question that comes to your mind and we will answer you immediately.

Why profit from blogging? Is it suitable for me?

These are two very reasonable questions.

So why do I make an effort to monetize blogging over others? How do I know if this field is suitable for me?

Regarding the first question, you may be surprised by the advantages that profit from blogging provides you, namely:

1. Profit from blogging is a guaranteed profit, and this is because people do not stop searching the Internet for various topics, so if you do everything right, you will make a fortune as a steady income.

2. In your blog, you are the master of the work and you are the boss of yourself, and the more you work, the more you earn, not like the traditional work in which you earn a fixed or semi-fixed amount no matter how hard you work and work hard.

3. You can work at any time and anywhere, and if you can manage your time, this feature will be a great benefit to you, and it will make you able to live your life freely and without restrictions.

4. With the passage of time and the success of your blog, you will also gain fame as an expert in the field of blogging, which will have very good social returns, the best example of this is Neil Patel, the owner of the very famous blog that bears his name.

But to be frank with you, the world is not all rosy, but there are many obstacles and obstacles that you will face during your journey, in addition to you - like any of us - you may get bored, tired or even despair, but we protect your back, and we will talk about the most famous problems that you will face and how to overcome them .

As for the second question, the answer is definitely yes. Profiting from blogging is suitable for anyone, regardless of their age and interests. You can consider blogging as a discussion or chat that you have with someone in a topic or field that you love and know about.

This is neither fictional nor a way of simplification, but in fact I and every other professional blogger do this constantly in his articles, because as the famous saying says “what comes from the heart enters the heart.”

And your desired field - which is one of the most important steps for blogging and to start profiting from blogging - could be the football you love to follow or the cars that you have a great passion for, or even your field of work whether you work as a doctor, pharmacist or teacher.

Your blogging field can even be the events that you encounter in your day, there is no limit to what you can write about, dear reader.

How can I start earning from blogging?

Now it's the moment you've been waiting for from the start, I'm going to draw a detailed map of how to start earning from blogging right now, but before I start; You should know that there is no clear recipe for blogging or profit from blogging, but I will mention to you here the steps that have worked for me, and with many famous people in the world of blogging.

First Step: Choose Your Niche Blogging Domain

This step, despite its simplicity, is the most important step, because the blog must represent its clear personality and identity, and trying to make the blog for everything is the beginning of failure.

You have to understand that the basic rule in the Internet world is to win a certain category or not at all, trying to target everyone with your articles is a failure, and it has been proven wrong hundreds or even millions of times.

Try to focus on a specific category, for example if you like phones, you can write reviews on different phones that come out and recommend them to people.

Or if you love to cook, you can write articles about new recipes, how to improve cooking skills, and if you are a doctor, you can write simplified medical articles for patients in your medical specialty, and so on.

And do not think that you will lose visitors and profits, on the contrary, you will enhance your market position and fame in this specific field, as you will become a mark in your field, for example, any Arab person on the Internet who wants to read about profit and its methods, especially related to the Internet, will immediately go to Winners site, and read its useful articles.

And the last thing I would like to share with you on this matter, dear reader, is that specialized blogs have a great advantage, which is the multiplicity of profitable options, which will allow you to profit from blogs in more than one way at a time, and may also give you unique profit methods that you never thought possible.

Step Two: Prepare the blog and prepare it technically for launch

Despite the simplicity of this step, it may seem a little complicated, as you now have to decide whether you want to design your own site - which is very expensive and I do not recommend it at first - or use WordPress - which in my opinion is the best option - whether it is Free template or paid template or you can create a free Blogger blog .

But I prefer that you choose a paid WordPress template , as there are many beautiful and customized templates, which you can buy for cheap amounts, but it will be a very good addition to your blog, and it will facilitate many things for you and this is what you will discover later.

As for web hosting , there are also many cheap options that you can compare, and at this point you also choose your domain name and your site name.

Step Three: Start Blogging

After your blog is ready all you have to do is start blogging, write about your niche from the most basic, to the most complex and specialized, and also write your opinion.

This is your moment and you have to take advantage of it, and although there is no general map showing how to write in a field, you will discover this yourself because you are the one who chose it yourself.

It is important when you start blogging that you write the basic related pages related to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, contact us, frequently asked questions and most importantly about us page, and if you are concerned about how to write it… you can view these pages on the winners site and learn from them.

And now, my friend, you are ready to go. Prepare your ideas, fuel your passion, write and enrich the content on the Internet with your information, ideas and opinions.

Step Four: Learn SEO and Boost Your Blog Content

Now this is a very important step in order to double the profit from blogs, as SEO or search engine optimization is the joker of your blog, by using SEO you can make your blog pages on the first page of Google search results, which will make there thousands and millions People come into your blog and drive its revenue stream.

But dear reader, do not despair if you do not know anything about SEO, in fact, the rules of SEO may sometimes be logical and can be deduced and the other part of them is easy to learn.

Step five: Boost your social media presence

Now that you have formed a base of regular visitors to your blog, enhance the presence of your blog on social media, whether through Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, and this will bring many visits and visitors to your blog, and thus what will increase your profits, and your fame and fame Your blog as a specialist in a field.

And you know the right time to take this step, as some people prefer to create pages for the blog on social media platforms from the first moment, and there are those who do this after they exceed a thousand visitors per week, and there are those who take this step after they reach a hundred thousand visits, but there is no right And no error.

Step Six: Learn... Learn…. Learn

All that I told you above should not stop you from learning something new every day to enhance your blog and multiply your profits from blogs. Be aware of what is happening around you and seize every opportunity.

Ways to earn from blogging

In the previous paragraphs, I explained to you how to start your blog, and now I will explain to you the ways to profit from blogs, and there are many ways that you can make fortunes from blogging, but I will mention to you the most important 8 ways, which are:

1. Ads

This method is the most popular and widely used in the Arab world, where bloggers link their blogs to Google Adsense in order to earn money with visits and clicks.

But the disadvantage of this method is that it needs a large number of visits in order to start profiting from it, and you can learn more about this through the comprehensive winners guide for beginners about profit from Google Adsense .

2. Selling products

The second method, which is very popular in foreign countries and blogs, is to sell products where your blog sells your products, whether it is posters and T-shirts or simple tools that you make, or even software that you make specifically for purposes in your specialty, and this all varies depending on the field you chose for profit from blogging.

3. Affiliate sales

This is a very profitable way, and it is done through your agreement with stores or companies such as Souq, Jumia and others, and you promote and sell their products.

Through each sale made through you, you get a profit margin that varies according to the product and the party you deal with, and this method is one of the most modern methods that have been popular with those who want to profit from blogs.

4. Consulting

As for the consulting method; This method is not available for all areas of blogging, but is only valid for areas related to services, or educational, economic or technical blogs, through which you can sell your advice or your time for a very large amount of money, and this is the advantage of the specialization that we talked about at the beginning of the article.

But make sure that you initially choose a specific skill or topic in which you have a lot of experience in order to provide advice on it, and you should also make the possibility of ordering and buying consultations from your site easy, so that the client can easily reach you, and you can make this possible through a contact page With us, or even make a special form for consultations only.

5. Selling courses

Although this method may not also work for all fields, it is very profitable, if your blog is e-marketing , you can offer courses for SEO or marketing in the Facebook platform or sponsored ads, and the advantage of this method is that it is very profitable, and it also enhances your reputation in your field, and make a strong name for you among the professionals.

In the beginning, you have to choose a topic that is very related to the content of your blog, and then you plan well for this course, and design a number of exercises during this course to be as practical as possible, and then you have to market to it, update it and add to it everything new constantly.

6. Create exclusive content for a fee

This is an uncommon method of profiting from blogs, especially in the Arab world, which is that you block part of the content you provide and make it available only for a fee to your distinguished visitors.

You can use this method if the content you provide is very exclusive and not available online, or your visitors and followers will pay to see your blog content.

7. Training

This is another method of profit from blogging that has become popular in recent times, which is to receive a fee in exchange for training or supervising the training of a group or person, and it may be used in educational or technical fields where you follow the progress of a person or group, and give them some advice in order to They can make similar progress to you.

But this method will require a lot of marketing for your content and for yourself in the field in which you specialize, in addition to that you may need to write several free training articles in order for visitors to make sure that you are an expert in this field, and although this method may require hard effort, but The returns are very rewarding in the long run.

8. Self-employment

This last method is one of the very smart ways to profit from blogging, where you can create your blog to enhance your position as a free content writer, and use your blog as your previous business “ Portrait ” to attract different clients who want to hire a content writer for their sites, blogs, or even companies.

In this regard, you should see the comprehensive and detailed guide on self-employment .

In the end, I would like to express to you, dear reader, that these methods are not the only ways that you can use to profit from blogs, but that there are dozens of other methods, and in fact you may find that there is an individual method for you that will help you to profit from blogs, but the eight The methods I mentioned above are just a selection of the most commonly used heuristics.

And now let's move on to show a group of secrets of profit from blogging:

Secrets of earning from blogging

Do not be surprised by the title, there are really magical secrets that you can use in order to profit from blogs, and although they may be simple and even intuitive, but they may make a big difference in profits between one blog and another, so please read them with all possible concentration:

1. Know your audience well

Your first important step is to be well-acquainted with your audience, and know exactly what they need and want, and this will have a huge impact on the craving for your content, and on attracting a huge number of new visitors in short periods of time.

In the beginning, you have to carefully define the niche of your blog, which will enable you to identify your target audience and their characteristics. After creating the blog, you can use Google Analytics reports , which will give you a lot of information that enables you to understand your audience more deeply, and thus improve your work to satisfy this audience.

2. Continuity

Continuity is the secret of success, and as for blogging, it is all success. If you start blogging and then stop after a month or two, this will not bring you any profit. In fact, profit from blogging is a long process that takes several months and may take a whole year, and you have to expect This is lest you get frustrated and hopeless and give up in the middle of the road.

Continuity here does not mean continuing to publish new topics until you reach a certain profit level, but continuity means continuing to publish new content without stopping, then you stop and no matter what you have reached, you will find that the curve has begun to descend.

3. Introducing all-new

In your blog, you should be keen to present everything new in your field. It is necessary to follow other blogs and sites and know their trends in addition to following up on your field.

If you choose to have a sports blog; You need to know all the transfers of players from club to club, analyze them, comment on them and present them to your visitors before any other website or blog.

You should also follow the trends, and link them to your domain if these trends are not related to your domain at all, which will make there a very large flow of visitors to your articles and blog, and thus will contribute to a significant increase in your profit from your blog.

4. Link with visitors

This is a very important point, which is to make the visitor emotionally connected to you and the blog, and this will take a long time, but its returns are incredibly useful, so remember with me, dear reader, the blog where you always see the review of new phones, or the blog through which you follow football events and the latest football news and global teams.

Ask yourself; What are the reasons why visitors prefer one blog over another? Try to reach these reasons and implement them in your blog.

5. Ask visitors what they want

This might sound stupid after all! However, providing the content that visitors want will help you increase and multiply the profit from the blogs that you hope for.

This would be very effective, for example, if you were to simplify the science. Referring your visitors to article topics will make them engage and follow your articles heavily, and this will also give you the ideas you need to plan your content.

6. Diffusion

By spreading here, I mean that you are present on all communication channels. You have a Facebook page where you publish links to your articles, as well as an account on Twitter, and a page on Instagram in addition to other means of communication.

All this will enhance your brand with your readers and visitors, and will help attract many new visitors to your site, which will contribute to monetizing your blogs effectively.

Fatal mistakes you must avoid in order to monetize blogging

Just as there are intuitive magic secrets that will contribute to increasing profit from blogs, there are also fatal mistakes that may contribute significantly to eliminating any opportunity to profit from blogs.

Therefore, I will mention it to you so that you do not fall into it and stay away from it, because these mistakes will either make Google punish your blog by blocking it from appearing in search engines, or make visitors alienate your blog.

These errors are:

1. Copy and paste

Then, do not copy articles from other sites and blogs, this will have a devastating effect on your blog and will destroy your chances of profit from blogs. This is because the Google search engine may block your site, and thus the number of visitors to your site will decrease or disappear, which will eliminate your profits.

Instead, work on providing unique content that gives value to your blog and your readers. This of course comes from constant research, reading and following of the leading blogs in your field.

2. Repetition of thoughts

Beware of repeating ideas, if you repeat your words in all of your articles, this will cause readers to get bored which will make them unwilling to read more of your content, and therefore will make you lose a lot of your earnings, and may cause your entire earnings to be wiped out.

3. Spelling and grammatical errors

Your neglect of the content from a linguistic point of view may have significant damages; So, incorrect writing may cause problems for search engines to rank your site, which will reduce the number of visitors to your blog.

Also, the readers themselves can be bothered by the many spelling and grammatical errors, especially if they are many and critical.

In the end, dear reader, I would like to be of benefit and encourage you to start making profit from blogging, especially since this step may make a difference in your life, and may improve your life significantly as I did with thousands of others.

I hope that I answered all the questions in your mind about profit from blogging, but if there is another question or query you have, you can ask me in the comments and I will respond to you.

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