How to Create instagram to rss Feed

How to Create an Instagram RSS Feed? You can try the following simple and easy way to create an Instagram rss feed.

How to make the URL of the RSS Feeds for the latest posts of our Instagram account? Relax, in this article I will discuss how to make it in a simple . and simple way for you to follow. Then, how? Before the tutorial we will first know what RSS is and its functions.

Definition and Functions of RSS Feeds

Understanding RSS

What is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, sometimes referred to as a feed or RSS Feed, now RSS is a form of web syndication where content is available from one website to another. In simple terms, RSS is a small part of the content / articles from our website which then feeds to other people.

RSS function

Then what is the function of RSS Feeds? In the blog world, RSS technology is often used to share updated information that has been published on a blog to visitors/customers automatically via email, feed reader applications or other applications. So the rss feed serves to read or view content without the need to open it directly.

How to Create Instagram to RSS Feed?

So, back to the previous discussion, which is how to make an Instagram to rss feed? By default Instagram itself does not provide access to rss feeds for every user, although that doesn't mean we can't create rss feeds for Instagram accounts because there is always the slightest way.

One of them is with the help of third-party applications, namely utilizing the rss generator site on the internet. That way you can create an Instagram rss feed for any purpose such as making an Auto post bot for the telegram channel which will post every photo/caption to our telegram channel subscribers every time we upload a photo or video on Instagram.

Of course this is a very interesting way to reach other people on telegram other than people who follow your Instagram account, not only that it makes Instagram rss feeds to be posted on various media look good. Then how? As I explained above, we will take advantage of third-party applications with only a few steps. Here's how

How to Create an Instagram RSS

The first step is to prepare your Instagram username, don't think it will be used to login to third-party applications, because the username will only be used as an Instagram rss link.

For example, my Instagram account username is

// Instagram Account URL

Then replace the link I marked below with your Instagram account username


Then it will be like this


Well, the RSS feed can already be used for any purpose according to your needs, one thing I did was use it to create an Instagram feed on the telegram channel with the help of bots so that every time I upload a photo or video on Instagram it will automatically be shared too on the telegram channel that I manage.


The RSS feed above is using rsshub as a third-party media, with just a few steps we can easily create an Instagram RSS feed. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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